me and my cats, my cats and I…

So, I was told to journal about my cats…well, what can I say? My cats are everything I live for right now. They give me reasons to wake up in the a.m., besides worrying about Debra Schlesinger freting about wondering why I am late for brekkie in bah bah chat…lol.

So, yeah, my cats…so full of love, exposing their tummy for a free for all never-ending tummy rubs, because they trust me 1000000000% with their life. Let me share you who they are…the first one, Kissie-pooh (pooh after pooh bear), oldest boy of the 2. He’s a fat cat, with that cow belly , yet so fluffy (part ragdoll, yet has ragdoll/siamese mix). This one is most definitely a snuggler, a cuddler, and very much jealous if you give attention to the other cat. So, spoiled rotten!!

The second one, Honeybun. This wee one, looks like his bro kissie-pooh, but definitely acts different than kissie. This one, born a couple years later, same mom…same father…same markings and hair/blue eyes, etc… What makes this particular cat different is the fact that he was born disabled. He couldn’t walk properly with his front paw, just one in particular. I noticed, and saw how, this fluffy furball of a kitten, was unbalanced. I took him in, actually, snuck him indoor lolol…and decided to teach him to use his front paws properly. After a few tries, this determined kitty started teaching himself to set his paws on the floor right to be able to walk, as accordingly. oh, he made me so proud, with him prancing around in his new-found balance and, I am sure, his views of the world will forever be different. This cat is spunky, independent and does things when it wants to. If he wants attention, the by golly, IT WILL get attention! If he wants to be left alone, you’ll know it.


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