Easy day, ED day…

…pretty much what the title said, is what happened.

This day was a lil’ easy, simply because…1.) I over-slept; 2.) My MP(meal plan) was pretty simple, even when I dislike eating right now, at least it wasn’t challenging; 3.) I didn’t have a lot of meal monitoring as per usual, which meant ED took over. I was able to ‘fix’ din din…but, it didn’t mean I ate it all…and, I skipped my bed snack.

Am I proud of that? No! Is my ED having a field day? Yes!

It seems like my ed has been getting stronger lately esp. when it has a chance to take advantage of a situation, like today for example. I wanted to fight back, win against the ED…but, I couldn’t. This is sad. I’m not even underweight yet, and my ed is stronger this time around. What’s even more sad, is the fact that I found some old RX diuretics that I was prescribed when I was on other medications. I just found it today as I was looking for something in my boxes of packed stuff. I took 2 of em’, which was all I had left anyway. So, great…JUST GREAT! Why don’t ED just push my body over the edge some more. Seems like it is getting harder for me lately, especially since I am working SO.O.O.O.O hard with recovery. When I am doing the right thing for Jenny, the ED gets stronger and this really sucks! I just hope ‘smoothies’ is in my MP tomorrow, because I need all the potassium-related food as possible to replace the lost potassium from this RX Lasix I had just taken. I am already going through physical crap lately, and the last thing I need is this additional problem added to my list of physical problems to worry about.

I guess, I should end this with this…

DAMN YOU ED! DAMN YOU!!!! I hate ED with passion and it is so hard to recover, so hard on my own.

Well, tomorrow IS a new day. A new day, a new slate…as the saying goes.

After hitting sent… I confessed to one of the PITA Mom’s and as one was busy with something, I went outside for a smoke and got dizzy. I, then, realized that I need to get my control back from ED and I did!!! Plus, with one of the PITA MOMs kicking ED butt too helped a lot!
I had my bed snack of cereal and milk! Proud of myself, so proud!!!


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