My deepest heart’s desires…cnt…CAME TRUE

Well,  well,  well… looks like I was wrong afterall.  It took me a while to see what I couldn’t, didn’t see in front of me. I, DO, have a mama…the kind I spoke of in my last post about a “Truer” type of mama. Granted, it isn’t perfect as in ‘has everything I’ve wanted’…, but dammit it pretty darn close.

She spent hours on end, at night in the ER ensuring I was well cared for, wasn’t treated improperly, wasn’t alone and to lovingly comfort me as I strived to be brave whist within was nervous, worried and scared…she wrangled and fought alongside another ‘mama’ with my particular insurance company…she falls asleep with me on skype, just because…she worries so much that she checks on me…she ‘played’ Santa on Christmas (her gifts said “from Santa”)… she allows herself to be vulnerable and cry in front of me… she proudly told strangers at the mall that I, on skype, was her third daughter that she was speaking to…and more.

If that hasn’ t convinced you that that is a true blue mom, a mother then I don’t know what will.

— the only difference is…she hasn’t been with me physically…YET. She will be, soon.

The above speaks of only one particular mama. I, DO, have another that comes pretty darn close and the awesome thing about her is she is close to my first mama that they consider each other sisters.  They do share “custody” over me…in a sense.  It’s a legal thing.

Aside the above 2, I, DO, have others. However, one wants to perceive the “others” doesn’t matter to me, because they have their own roles in my life. They are definitely PITA mamas.

I must say that I AM so blessed and well loved. I AM SO GLAD I SEE IT NOW…..


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