Excitement in the air

Only the Pitas knows, so I decided to share to a few who does read this…I am soon to be stepping down to TLP/IOP. We (Treatment team here at Oliver-Pyatt & myself) are looking at possibly 1st week of Dec. I will, probably, be heading to Dallas area and do TLP/IOP at Project Bliss. I’m so excited! Ten months of treatment from February to now, I’ve been working hard. I’m far from recovery, however am heading on the right path. I’m thrilled!!! I got so much to share and will write more later. Love you all!!! xoxo


One thought on “Excitement in the air

  1. I’d like to pull a quote that you wrote in your very first post a year ago.

    “After a few tries, this determined kitty started teaching himself to set his paws on the floor right to be able to walk, as accordingly. Oh, he made me so proud, with him prancing around in his new-found balance…”

    I’m as proud of you as you were of that kitty! Since February 12, 2013, you put the work in to set YOUR ‘paws’ right to be able to walk tall and find your balance. This is your inheritant strength as I’ve known you’ve always possessed.

    Your story ends with a happily ever-after and I guarantee you’re getting your prince charming 😉 :-*

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