What I wish I was told… (Body Image)…

Body Image seems to impose such a great emphasis upon all of us human beings these days and in this particular group, we were asked to write a letter to either…
– our mom and what we wish they told us
– ourself and what we wish was told to us either by others or our older self to our little self
– to our children (future or present) and what we wish we could tell them

I chose the second one…

Dear little Jenny,

I want you to know that you are beautiful no matter what. I know that you are being ‘spokenly’ and ‘unspokenly’ told that certain size and body shapes are unacceptable by various females in the family and told vocally what males find pleasing. I know that you were told repeatedly how they wished you looked a certain way and what you should/shouldn’t eat. Right now, I need you to know that it isn’t their fault. They, too, were told the same messages from the society and were only thinking that they were helping you. Regardless, you do not need to look a certain way to be accepted– there are no ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ foods. I want you to know that beauty comes from being you, from you loving and accepting you. I know that this will be hard, in fact growing up in this world is going to be difficult. The messages that you will be/were told directly and/or indirectly will increase ten-fold. I wish I could protect you from this, but I can’t. Please always know that you are worth more than you look. You have so much to offer to the world. Just remember this…

“Outside beauty fades within time… Inner beauty will always shine.”


2 thoughts on “What I wish I was told… (Body Image)…

  1. This made me cry – I only hope that the 34 year old Jenny can truly, deeply believe this.

    I love you so much – the inner beauty that you are is the only thing that matters to me, and your physical health and your mental health. What you have that goes beyond is just “icing on the cake”. And your “icing” happens to be beautiful too. WOW.

  2. I have long hoped and continue to, that you love yourself and know that you are worth loving! May your healing words comfort that inner child so that you can bloom and grow. Love you!

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