As I lie here on the couch, I’m reflecting on my journey that brought me here and I would not have gotten here were it not be from the help of a collective group of MOMS that I put together. No, there was no such a thing as the PITA Moms. I coined the name after a really frustrating meal support via skype. Lol, PITA stands for Pain In The Ass. Lolol those lovely 13 mothers gladly accepted it because they WANT to be a PITA to ED.

These lovely ladies came into my life after I started a fb accountability with a goal of not purging anymore. I didn’t imagine that it would slowly bring each of them (at various times) together.

Let me introduce you to them…

Debra, a wonderful person who advocate for mothers who have or had a child with ED, was sort of the pillar if you will. I was in her group and she was chosen by me for reasons unknown except God wanted me to have her. She accepted and for that I am glad. We had awesome coffee in the AM! Those mornings was something I hold precious to my heart.

Jennifer, feisty hardheaded, hard driven lady took my heart. We got to know one another and she started trying to get me to consider UCSD ed program. Night after night we chatted as I ate. I felt like she was the one I needed in my life. She accepted too. Boy our 14hr straight writing my timeline. ..whew!

Cherie, wonderful advocate and totally hardheaded and seems to know the ins and outs of ED world political wise. She unknowingly came into my life one day while she was at EDC in Washington DC. Idk if I reached out to her before or after, regardless she was a chosen one and accepted too.

Jen, lovely UK mother & Lisa, a wonderful Canada mother and I met on the Feast page. We all chatted and they started following my accountability and commenting. I had another gut instinct to have them a part of the group of moms. Both accepted.

Gabriele, what can I say. I knew her a year or two prior and we were WWF buddies. We played often and one day I just knew that she was someone I wanted to be a part of the group. It took some talking and getting to know one another and she, too, accepted. Btw, this mother came up with the idea of SKYPE meal support and boy ED was mad!!! Jenny, however, was glad that the moms suspected that I wasn’t eating everything I was taking pictures of. *BUSTED*

Shannon, ha! This lady…we, too, were WWF buddies and she and I talked late at night and she knew what I was dealing with at home. She didn’t jump right into the group until much later. She, btw, played a vital piece in getting me to Rosewood. Even though she is part of the PITA Moms. ..I consider her my PITA sister!

Faith, I can say that when I met her, I knew…yup she has to join. She kept me entertained at times. Also, she didn’t join until later too. Love her! *psst, when you become famous…ya better give me a shout out*

Alyson, omg…poor thang! Lolol reason why I’m laughing is because she was the first one to deal with the longest meal support ever…a 4hr dinner! Lolol She was introduced to me by Denise. She joined in and for that I am SO glad.

Becky, this woman and I. ..I’m not sure quite how we met except that I remember the first Skype meal support with her…she was cleaning up a room to paint in this shade of yellow. She has the biggest cheeky grin full of teeth. I love her very much!

Carolyn, lolol. She joined in but only via chat…not meal skype for she was afraid to get too attached to me. Too late now 😛

I love her dearly and she allowed me to stay with her for a few days. She visited me when I was in the hospital. She is even helping out by getting my meds shipped here. I’m thankful for her.

Pamela, a wonderful lady who knew Carolyn and she helped me by taking me to my doctor appt, to meet my 2 lawyers late at night at Ihop and visited me in the hospital during Christmas. I’m grateful for that.

Becci, what can I say…she’s sweet and even did some meal support. Honestly, I’m not sure how I met her except that I did and I’m SO glad I did.

Now you’ve ALL met my PITA Moms. They ALL played a very important role in my life. Together, the collective crazy lot of them, has saved my life. I, seriously, know that I would not be alive today if it wasn’t for them. They stayed night after night, day after day…talked to my doctor (S) and nurses and insurance company and called welfare check, stayed up all night with me in the ER numerous times. Then I ended up appointing 3 to be my POA. That means that they don’t have to have permission to talk to docs, therapist, etc… they can know my weight, pysch diagnosis basically everything.

I love each of them, ALL 13 of them, very very much and I will never EVER forget them for as long as I live.

Now if you’re wondering if all of our relationship is the same now as it was prior to treatment. ..the answer is no. Our relationships are different with each other. Some grew stronger while others stayed the same. Some stayed while others moved on. As all relationship does, it changes. But are we ALL grateful for the time we had together, YES! Do we still touch base? YES!

…..and this is the story of how the PITA came about!

I love each and every one of you. I have SO much love and gratitude for the PITA Moms always and forever!


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